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Scott Cole Coaching, operating out of Boston, MA, is dedicated to getting the best out of every cyclist. In a sport that is under-coached in the United States, Scott Cole Coaching seeks to expand the participation in cycling while teaching athletes what it takes to reach their very best.



Working with athletes locally and across the country, Scott Cole Coaching uses the very latest in scientific understanding of sport to train athletes to meet their goals.  Taking a complete approach to training by combining education of the sport with physiological principles, Scott gives athletes all the tools they need to succeed. A key goal for every athlete is to find and maintain a love for cycling.


Dedicated to improving the sport of cycling, Scott Cole Coaching offers comprehensive training programs suited to each athlete's needs.  Every cyclist is different and as such every cyclist's training is different.  Working closely with the athlete, Scott Cole Coaching builds a training plan specifically to suit the athlete and their lifestyle.


Arlington, MA 02476

Tel: 617-851-1088

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