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            SCOTT COLE

              Head Coach

Scott Cole is a USA Cycling Level 1 (Elite) coach, is certified in Power Based Training, and is one of just 8 USAC Certified Skills Instructor in the US.  Scott graduated from Wesleyan University Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Biology.  He combines his years of experience as a dedicated bicycle racer with his extensive study of anatomy and physiology to help athletes reach their goals.  Scott's most important goal is crafting a training program that positively impacts his athletes' cycling performances as well as their lives.

            LEE PETERS

                 Assistant Coach

Lee Peters is a USA Cycling licenced coach and draws from his years of racing at the local and national level to help athletes reach their potential.  With experience racing and coaching all disciplines of cycling, Lee is committed to helping atheltes improve no matter what their limitations.

            Carmi Schulman

                 Assistant Coach

Carmi Schulman has been racing bikes ever since he was a kid and enjoys using his passion for cycling to inspire others and help them reach their greatest potential.  As a coach, Carmi seeks to mesh his athletes' busy lives with a training schedule that helps them hit their goals.

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