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“Scott is a great coach because he not only provides an excellent and insightful training plan but also makes sure to balance your training schedule with the rest of your stressors (i.e. work, school, life etc.).  With Scott's expertise I was able to set up realistic goals that helped me maintain consistent top placings at the P/1/2 level.  High Yelp reviews all around!”​
-Carmi Schulman, Cat. 2, Santa Cruz CA.​

“Scott's program easily accommodates my erratic schedule and lots of work travel.  Even though it's sometimes a struggle, and it sometimes forces him to re-invent my program mid-block, Scott always makes sure that I'm at my best for goal events.  Thanks to him, I've brought home results in road races, crits, and the velodrome.”​
-Andrew Bernstein, Cat. 2, Allentown PA​

“Scott has allowed me to balance a travel-heavy schedule and still succeed at my hobby of bike racing.  He is very easy to reach and provides well-defined and realistic workouts, making it very easy for me.”​
-Mario Hernandez, Cat. 3, San Francisco CA​

“Under Scott's coaching I was finally able to move from finishing in the back of the pack in the Cat. 3's to getting top 10's in the Cat. 2's. Scott has taught me how to train smartly, using the limited time I have in my schedule to get maximum results.  He works with me  around my commitments and is always willing to do whatever it takes to me where I need to be.”​
-Jesse Chebot, Cat. 2, Oakland CA

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